About Creations Hardwoods

We laid our first floors as Creations Hardwoods in 2015.  Prior to that, Jeff Romero, Owner worked with his brother until breaking out on his own.  Jeff and his brothers continue to work and play together and remain a tight knit group.  Jeff is committed to a quality crew, quality materials, quality work, and quality service.  From our very first contact until your project is complete, you will know why we have become Colorado Springs' Premiere Flooring Contractor.  


Tips For Preparing Your Home

For Hardwood Flooring Work

Below are some tips for getting ready for hardwood floor work.  Hope this helps!

Well Organized Closet

The Closet

Remove everything from the floor of the closet 18" - 24"  up from the floor

Moving a Couch

Move Furniture

Please have your furniture moved off of the floor.  If you need assistance with this, please discuss it before the project begins for a smooth start to your project. 


We will need access to a 220 electrical plug for our machines.

220 plug1.jpg

Make Arrangements For Your Pets

Floor work can be stressful on everyone, especially our fur babies.  If you have a place to send them during the project, that would be best.  It is ideal to keep your pets off the newly finished floor for 72 hours after completion.  

Best Buddies
furniture glide.jpg

Furniture Glides

This is the perfect time to check and replace your furniture glides.  This is the most important thing you can do to preserve the beauty of your floor.  

Art at Home

Artwork & Valuables

Creations Hardwoods will protect your valuables, art, wall hangings with plastic.  We will plastic off clothing hanging in the closet.  I recommend, however, that you remove your artwork and valuables, if possible, before the project begins..  We are insured, but why risk it?  

Our Quality Guarantee

Creations Hardwoods does provide a 1 year written warranty on the workmanship of your floor.  Your warranty is good for one year from date of completion, as long as your invoice is paid in full. 


Disclaimer:  Stains are applied to be as accurate as possible.  However, actual colors may vary slightly.  Wood is a natural substance with its own life and character and will absorb stains at different amounts depending on the orientation of the wood grain, type of wood used, and the moisture content of the wood.  This floor will be finished on-site and not in a factory, therefore, a “furniture” or “piano” finish is not to be expected.  Creations Hardwoods cannot be responsible for the actual degree of variation that may occur in your floor.  In addition, National Standards shall determine the acceptability of the surface finishing as defined by PDCA PA-04 standard.  Currently, that standard is defined as:  “when viewed without magnification, under normal lighting, from a normal viewing position at a distance of 39 inches (1 meter).”


Creations Hardwoods also cannot accept responsibility for defects in the flooring itself, or for damages that occur after project completion, including but not limited to:  staining, scratches, water damage, or damage from the climate.  Creations Hardwoods cannot accept responsibility for the quality of material purchased outside of Creations Hardwoods. 

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